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Ford Pro™ RFID Charging Cards (10 Pack)


Our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards are the key to secure charging. They work with Ford Pro Series 2 AC Charging Stations, Ford Pro DC Charging Stations and Ford Model e™ dealer program chargers. * Price includes shipping.


*To use RFID cards, a Ford Pro™ Charging Software subscription is required

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Ford Pro™ RFID Charging Cards (10 Pack)

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Your Chargers — Your Way

Enhance Your Security

Do you have chargers in public areas? Protect them from unauthorized use.

Manage Access

You can also enable workplace charging access for specific employees and vehicles, no matter the make or model.


With Ford Pro™ Charging Software, you can monitor energy usage by vehicle, whether it’s a Ford or another make. You can also monitor by individual driver.

How RFID Cards Work


Turn on the RFID feature within your required Ford Pro™  Charging Software subscription.


Give access to specific employees and vehicles by adding or removing RFID cards from the approved list. The card even works with non-Ford vehicles.

Tap and Go

Authorized drivers can start charging by tapping their assigned card on the RFID reader at the charging station.

Tap Into More Info About RFID Cards

What is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card?

A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card is for electric vehicle charging. It allows contactless data exchange when used at a charging point. 

The RFID card contains a unique ID number that can be recognized when held near a compatible Ford Pro™ charging station reader. 

Ford Pro™ Charging software includes access management features that allow you to limit use of the chargers during specific times and to drivers with an assigned RFID card.

When a driver scans the RFID card at a compatible charger, the charger reads the ID number and Ford Pro™ Charging Software ensures that card is allowed to access charging.

Set-Up and User Guide

How do I activate RFID cards?

To activate your RFID cards, refer to our Set-Up and User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Can I use my RFID card with the BlueOval™ Charge Network?

The Ford Pro™ Charging RFID card provides authorized access to compatible Ford Pro™ charging stations. It does not allow charging at non-Ford Pro™ charging stations in the BlueOval™ Charge Network.

How does billing work with RFID cards?

RFID cards do not accept payment or billing methods. This is handled through your Ford Pro™ Charging Software. It is a tool for fleets to track and control who can access Ford Pro™ chargers. Drivers will not be billed for charge sessions, but will use Ford Pro RFID cards to unlock chargers to initiate a charging session authorized by their company or fleet manager.

What should I do if my RFID Card is lost or stolen?

RFID cards can be deactivated in your Ford Pro™ Charging Software, and replacement cards can be purchased at any time. However, they are only sold in 10 packs.

Which chargers use the RFID card?

RFID cards are currently accepted by Ford Pro Series 2 AC Charging Stations, Ford Pro™ DC Charging Stations and Model e dealer program chargers purchased from Ford.

Will 3rd party RFID cards work with Ford Pro™ Chargers?

Only Ford Pro™ RFID cards will work with Ford Pro™ chargers and software.

Shipping and Returns

What is the return policy?

Return Policy

In addition to the provisions for returns in the Ford Pro Charging Hardware Terms and Conditions, returns for customers’ convenience will be accepted in the following circumstances:

Ford will accept returns or exchanges of applicable Ford products within 30 days of your receipt. Once you have initiated a return, you must return the product(s) within 14 calendar days after receiving a return shipping label from Ford Pro.

Returns for customer’s convenience must be in the original box, in new, non-installed, resaleable condition, with all instructions and hardware, and in the condition it was received. If all of these conditions are not met, it is at discretion of Ford (where applicable) to accept the return. If a return does not meet these requirements, Ford will promptly return the charging hardware to the original shipping address

To receive a full refund, returned items must be in the original unopened box. If the box has been opened, the return will be subject to a restocking fee of 20% of the original purchase price.

Returns related to Section 4(a)(ii), Section 3(c) and Section 5(a) of the Ford Pro Hardware Sales Terms and Conditions will not be subject to a restocking fee. Refunds will be credited to the same card or, in our discretion, other payment method.

All returns and exchanges must be returned to Ford (for orders shipped directly to you). Customers can initiate the return process by calling 1-800-668-5515.

Attempting to return any parts or assemblies that have been tampered with in a manner that affects the re-salability and/or safety of the part(s) is prosecutable under the law, and these parts and assemblies are not eligible for return credit, refund and/or exchange.

If you’d like to contact us via phone, please call 1-800-668-5515.

You may also email us at

To access the RFID How-To Guide, click here.