(FR) Charge Station Replacement Parts

(FR) 48 Amp

  • (FR) 48V Remote Dock for Coupler


    Prix habituel $999.99
    Prix habituel Prix soldé $999.99

    (FR) Keep your coupler cable tidy, tangle-free and off the ground with this mountable dock. Perfect for storing your cable when it’s not in use, the Remote Dock comes with all the mounting hardware you need to easily install it on your wall and keep your cord out of the way.

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  • (FR) 48V Amp Charge Station Ext Cover


    Prix habituel $999.00
    Prix habituel Prix soldé $999.00

    (FR) If you store your Ford Connected Charge Station outdoors, make sure it’s sheltered with the replaceable Exterior Cover. Protect your important equipment from the elements and other hazards with this durable, impact-resistant cover made specifically to safeguard your charger.

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  • (FR) 48V Amp Charge Cable with Coupler


    Prix habituel $999.00
    Prix habituel Prix soldé $999.00

    (FR) This lightweight, 20-foot cable with coupler is approved for indoor and outdoor use and enables you to connect your Ford Mobile Charger to your vehicle’s charge port. The Charge Cable with Coupler requires replacement by a licensed electrician.

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